The Difference Between Doing SEO For A Small Local Business Vs. A Nationwide Company

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The Difference Between Doing SEO For A Small Local Business Vs. A Nationwide Company

All businesses need SEO, regardless their size, coverage or industry. However, the size and the serviced area have a direct influence on the SEO strategy a company should adopt. This article will take a closer look at the main differences between local and global SEO, so that you can understand what kind of strategies and tactics would work best for your business.

Fist of all, you need to know that local SEO should target search engines users located in a specific geographic area. When you perform a local search, you can notice that Google fetches some results that look different than the others They are bigger, and they contain maps with positions and the contact details of those businesses.

Search engines know that users seeking for local services need to find something in their neighborhood, so they offer them this type of results. If you optimise the website of a local business, you should make sure you create and maintain high quality business pages in Google and Bing. You should also try to obtain as many citations as possible from local authority websites, as they are going to influence the local rankings of your business. This should be your main priority, as local traffic os going to be your best source of qualified leads. A good example of this would be an SEO agency like this one that deals with businesses in just one city

When doing SEO for a nationwide company, you want people from all over the country to find you in search engines. This doesn’t mean you can’t target local communities, but you need to make a priority from attracting targeted traffic, regardless the geographic location of these people. This means your main goal should be to identify and target the most lucrative keywords in your industry or niche as a while, rather than terms that are specific to various locations. When doing this, you have to choose keywords with high commercial potential and with enough monthly traffic to be worth investing in.

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Moreover, you need to study your main competitors, in order to make sure you can outsmart them within a reasonable amount of time. If the first page of the SERPs contains websites with very high authority and with millions of inbound links, you may need years to get there. Such keywords wouldn’t be your best bet in taking your business to the next level. On the contrary, keywords with weaker competitors may offer you a good chance to attract a nice slice of your target market without too much effort.¬†

As you can see, the SEO strategy for a small local business should be different than the strategy used to boost the visibility in search of a global company that serves clients from all over the country. Knowing this will enable you develop the best possible strategy for your business, so that you can improve your online presence and attract a steady flow of high quality leads. In either case, the recipe for success is still hard work and a lot of patience.