The Difference Between Doing SEO For A Small Local Business Vs. A Nationwide Company

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The Difference Between Doing SEO For A Small Local Business Vs. A Nationwide Company

All businesses need SEO, regardless their size, coverage or industry. However, the size and the serviced area have a direct influence on the SEO strategy a company should adopt. This article will take a closer look at the main differences between local and global SEO, so that you can understand what kind of strategies and tactics would work best for your business.

Fist of all, you need to know that local SEO should target search engines users located in a specific geographic area. When you perform a local search, you can notice that Google fetches some results that look different than the others They are bigger, and they contain maps with positions and the contact details of those businesses.

Search engines know that users seeking for local services need to find something in their neighborhood, so they offer them this type of results. If you optimise the website of a local business, you should make sure you create and maintain high quality business pages in Google and Bing. You should also try to obtain as many citations as possible from local authority websites, as they are going to influence the local rankings of your business. This should be your main priority, as local traffic os going to be your best source of qualified leads. A good example of this would be an SEO agency like this one that deals with businesses in just one city

When doing SEO for a nationwide company, you want people from all over the country to find you in search engines. This doesn’t mean you can’t target local communities, but you need to make a priority from attracting targeted traffic, regardless the geographic location of these people. This means your main goal should be to identify and target the most lucrative keywords in your industry or niche as a while, rather than terms that are specific to various locations. When doing this, you have to choose keywords with high commercial potential and with enough monthly traffic to be worth investing in.

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Moreover, you need to study your main competitors, in order to make sure you can outsmart them within a reasonable amount of time. If the first page of the SERPs contains websites with very high authority and with millions of inbound links, you may need years to get there. Such keywords wouldn’t be your best bet in taking your business to the next level. On the contrary, keywords with weaker competitors may offer you a good chance to attract a nice slice of your target market without too much effort. 

As you can see, the SEO strategy for a small local business should be different than the strategy used to boost the visibility in search of a global company that serves clients from all over the country. Knowing this will enable you develop the best possible strategy for your business, so that you can improve your online presence and attract a steady flow of high quality leads. In either case, the recipe for success is still hard work and a lot of patience.

What To Look For When Hiring A Wedding Cake Baker

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If you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, it’s important to make wise choices when it comes to your wedding cake. There are so many options you have to consider such as what type of frosting you want, the decorations, and the shape of your cake. One thing’s for certain, you can feel overwhelmed and stressed when you need to find a wedding cake baker. Here are some smart tips to get you started:

Consider the availability of the baker.

Since you already have a wedding date set, it’s important that the baker is actually available for that day. It’s not uncommon for bakers to cater to several weddings on the same day, which is why you need to find out how many other weddings are being catered along with yours. Additionally, you should find out how soon before your actual wedding date the cake is going to be baked and who will be doing the baking. 

Consider the background of the Baker.

First and foremost, you need to establish experience by asking how long the baker has been in business and how many weddings he or she has catered. Obviously, the more weddings that a baker has been involved with, the better experience he or she has dealing with weddings. It’s also important to ask whether the baker is licensed and insured.

Consider the cake design and the taste.

You should always ask a potential baker you’re looking to hire for a portfolio where you can see the designs they’ve completed. When you get ahold of the portfolio, make sure to inquire whether or not all of the cakes were created by the baker in question. All bakers work differently, therefore, you need to consider whether or not the baker can customize your wedding cake entirely or you need to choose from set designs. There’s also no shame in asking whether or not the baker has specialties you can choose from and if there’s a possibility that they can re-create the design of a cake based on an image provided. 

2 tiers wedding cake

Taste is another important factor to consider when it comes to choosing your baker. Filling flavors and the types of cakes offered are usually a great way to determine whether or not a baker is right for your needs. Frosting is going to be important to you, so you should have the option between fondant or buttercream. Ingredients make a huge difference in the end results, especially if you have a preference for gluten-free, organic or vegan options.

Consider pricing and payment.

It’s important to know up front how much you can expect to pay for your cake order. Always ask the baker how they price their cakes and whether or not they charge per slice. Is there a minimum cost for the cake and does the price also include the top tier? Make sure to also discuss if there are any rental fees, delivery fees, and how much the deposit is. Lastly, make sure to discuss whether or not the company has a refund policy. My daughter got her cake from a company called Little Loves Pantry, you can see here, that we were able to go online and see a selection of what they had already done.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to look for in a wedding cake baker. Hopefully, the above tips have allowed you to see what types of decisions you’ll need to make before your big day.

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Getting Pampered at Hotel Salons

Getting manicures at nail salons near me is practically what some people live for, and it’s a lot of fun for the people who don’t get to do it very often. People struggle to actually make doctor’s and dental appointments, even though these could theoretically involve getting pampered. It never feels that way with your dentist.

hotel-nail-salonsEven if your dentist is friendly and stylish, she’s always going to be criticizing your brushing and flossing technique. You could be the worst nail biter in the world who never stops breaking off your nails and tearing at your cuticles, and your manicurist is never going to yell at you. She’ll just calmly start working on fixing the damage and trying to make your nails pretty anyway, never expecting you to do the work for her.

Proper Nail Care at Home

Your nails might be a little dry, but they aren’t going to get cavities or chips. Your nails are going to fix themselves. You don’t have to start feeling really guilty about the fact that your nails don’t look perfect. Going to a manicurist is something extra and fun. No one is saying that your bare nails aren’t good enough. No one is saying that the prettiest people have naturally colorful nails.

Colored nails are blatantly artificial decorations. People can enjoy them without feeling bad about themselves when they can’t get manicures at nail salons. You might feel guilty about skipping the dentist or a tooth whitening session, but your manicurist is never going to give you a lecture. She just might start talking about how she misses you and how she hopes everything is okay. Getting manicures at nails salons is just fun with no guilt as long as you find the right person, so it isn’t a surprise that so many people love it so much.

Choosing the Right Manicurist for Nails Near Me


The people who are trying to choose the right manicurist are often just going to have to engage in a long process of trial and error. Reading reviews online of the manicurists who have nails salons in my area can certainly help, and a lot of people do manage to secure the perfect relationships with their manicurists and pedicurists as a result. However, a manicurist who works for one person might not work for everyone. There is more subjectivity than a lot of people think with a field like this.

Which Manicurist is Best for Nails Near Me

Some people might discount all of the subtle ways in which one manicurist might be better than another manicurist. It might not be immediately obvious as to why people really enjoyed one experience and not another. However, there are a few factors that will have influenced the experience. Obviously, the worst manicurists are actively rude, or they aren’t gentle enough with people’s hands. However, some manicurists are perfectly competent but still won’t work for some customers.

For one thing, social skills are non-negotiable in a good manicurist. Some people want to be able to just sit in silence during a manicure appointment. Skilled manicurists are going to understand that. They are not going to constantly engage people in conversation if they really do not want to talk to them. However, the majority of people want someone to talk to when they are getting their manicure appointments.

People often spend around forty minutes to an hour at the manicurist. Sometimes it takes longer than that, depending upon what they actually get done while they are there. That’s a long time for two people to sit in complete silence, and it’s going to feel even longer if the conversation is awkward. Naturally, bonding with a person is highly individualistic, and a manicurist who manages to form a very strong bond with one customer may not be able to do the same thing with many other customers.

As such, the reviews are only going to be able to tell people so much. They can tell people that certain individuals had positive experiences with certain nail technicians. However, people are ultimately going to have to do the essential process of trial and error for themselves in order to find the manicurists who work for them personally.

Manicures and Objective Standards

When it comes to hair cuts, there are at least some objective standards. Hair stylists who manage to cut people’s hair far too short on a regular basis or who mess up the styles that they’re trying to create are not going to manage to generate much of a following, and the bad reviews are going to defeat them before they even really get started in most cases.

Manicurists have some objective standards that they have to follow. Manicurists who injure their clients or who otherwise cause them any discomfort are going to have a hard time getting repeat customers. However, the actual art of nail decorating is like any art in that it is subjective. Lots of manicurists bring their own unique designs to the table when it comes to nail decorating. Some of these designs are going to appeal to some people more than others.

Manicurists who offer only the most basic designs, like French manicures, might suffice for some people. Not everyone wants to have little designs or patterns on his or her nails. However, some people are wary of manicurist jobs that they could have done themselves with no experience and no artistic talent of their own. They want to have manicurists who give them layered designs that are actually going to pop and that will stand out from the work of other manicurists.

Manicurists Are Artists

Some manicurists literally draw little pictures on people’s nails, as if their nails have been decorated with emoji signs. Other manicurists just give nails a painted and layered look. Some manicurists more or less build their reputations on their ability to give people completely original designs, and for a lot of people, these are going to be the best experts to see.

The manicurists who fail to pass the most basic objective standards are not going to be able to run successful nail salons. The most successful nail salons are run by the people who are able to truly bring something new to the table, literally and figuratively, and who can be entertaining and attentive during the actual act of the nail appointment. People may want their manicurists to be their friends and their artists, but they will at least want manicurists who are artists.

Proper Nail Care

Getting manicures at nails salons is something that some people do on a regular basis, and something that a lot of people wish that they could do on a regular basis. People can give themselves and their friends great manicures at home, but there is something about getting manicures at nails salons that people will have a hard time replicating at any place other than the nail salons. Manicures at nails salons make you feel pampered, and that’s what people usually want when they go there.

Relieve Stress

Lots of people find that manicures at nails salons are stress relieving. After a busy day where you’re doing everything for other people all day long, it’s nice to just sit there and to have someone actually pay attention to you and only to you for just a little while. Manicurists tend to be great conversation partners. Half of their job is just keeping you occupied while they do your nails. They’re trying to stop you from fidgeting too much, so they have to distract you with their stunning conversation, and a lot of them do a really good job. For some people, getting manicures at nails salons is like seeing old friends and new friends.

Choosing the Perfect Person

People need to make the right initial choices when it comes to getting manicures at nails salons. Choosing a good manicurist is like choosing a good hair dresser. When people finally find someone who they like and someone who they want to work with and who does a good job, they should be as loyal as possible. It is really hard to find the perfect hair dresser for your needs and it is just as hard to get the perfect manicurist for you, even if there are lots of really great professionals out there.